1. Begin by typing out your book in MS Word, Pagemaker or PDF format.
  2. Use MLW-TTRevathi or ML-Karthika font if the book is written in malayalam. Any font can be used if the book is written in English.
  3. In case your book is already typed and saved in a different font, do not worry. Simply send it to us and we will take care of the process thereafter.
  4. If the book is in hardcopy format, either give it for DTP and send us the softcopy, or send it to us and we will type it out for you at a nominal rate.

  1. Click on the Publish link in our homepage
  2. Sign in or register as an author with us
  3. After clicking on the confirmation mail sent to your E-mail, your registration will be accepted.
  4. Then Sign in to the author dashboard.
  5. Click on the Upload link and enter details of the book such as title and synopsis. Also upload the main book file.
  6. Press Publish.
  7. You will receive a notification mail from us. Within 72 hours your book will be published on Valmeeki.

  1. Sign in using your E-mail id and password to access your unique author dashboard
  2. Track your book's publish status, download count, revenue earned and other relevant information. By default all authors earn 50% of the book price after deduction of service and operational charges.
  3. You can upload as many books as required using your unique author dashboard by following the available upload link.