Valmeeki Best Seller Programme

  • Top rated authors from each language will be selected to become contracted full-time writers under the banner of Valmeeki Publishers, based on a number of indices including but not limited to number of downloads, reader popularity and reviews.
  • Full research, editing, proofing and design services will be extended for the purpose of publishing the book, with zero expenses to be incurred by the author.
  • Contract terms will be negotiable and redrawn.
  • Professional literary representation will be provided by Valmeeki Publishers and an initial print volume of 1000 copies will be made available for sale in leading bookstores across the country.
  • Fully sponsored book promotional campaigns, road shows, tours and author meet functions will be extended to the selected authors.

Valmeeki Intelligent Programme

 Terms and Conditions
  • Writers must agree to a 150-day exclusivity clause, wherein publishing and marketing their works through any other publisher or media can only take place with Valmeeki acting as their literary agent. Valmeeki will thus be guaranteed the position of 'official literary agent' for the work during this period.
  • Any renewal or change in pricing/contract terms will follow usual procedure as explained in our unique Terms and Conditions.
  • Although Valmeeki will proof for plagiarism, it is nearly impossible to search through the entire repository of published books worldwide. The works thus submitted by a VIP member will be deemed original after initial check and any legal complication arising out of a work being plagiarized will be borne entirely by the author.
  • Valmeeki will neither be responsible for, nor will it support, copied works n any manner.
  • Priority in market outreach, social media promotion and other on-ground marketing platforms
  • Free 25 second video upload of author and his/her book profile.
  • Upto 75% royalty on Selling price minus transaction charges and taxes. Payment of amount will take place every four months or upon reaching Rs. 2000 whichever is earlier.
  • Free proof-reading of book by Valmeeki's team of in-house language experts
  • 50% discount on fees for cover design and editing services. Read more in our Services and Support section.
  • Eligibility for year-end VALMEEKI BESTSELLER PROGRAMME (VBP).
  • Free online editorial consultation.
  • Official literary representation at literary fests