Valmeeki Sahaaya

Proofing Support

Writers can avail Valmeeki's specialised proofing service designed to ensure prim and proper formatting, alignment and crisp proof-reading of content. The works will be proof-read by professional writers on board the VALMEEKI creative content team.

Editing Support

Valmeeki's advanced editing service combines the skill of experienced writers and editors, who are part of the creative content team, to ensure that your work gains that touch of class. Words, sentences and paragraphs will find new meaning in the hands of our editors, with a guarantee that the soul of your writing will remain unchanged.

Cover Design

Statistics have proven that a visually appealing cover plays a major role in readers selecting a book written by a first-time author. Ensure that this plays out to your advantage by employing the services of Valmeeki's in-house team of professional designers, comprising former advertising professionals, to create that perfect cover for your first book.

Service Cost

Proof Reading

INR 2 per 100 words for ENGLISH works.

INR 1.5 per 100 words for VERNACULAR works.

Editing Support

INR 20 per 100 words.

INR 15 per 100 words for VERNACULAR works.

DTP Typing (Malayalam and English)

INR 40 per page (12pt font)

Cover Design

INR 450 for front cover (Extra Charges if real art is preffered)